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    Talking Opinions on my character names!

    Do these character names work/make sense?

    Vaughn family:
    Julia Vaughn - mother
    Nikolai Petrov - father, but does not live with family (is only mentioned once or twice)
    Eleanor "Ellie" (Vaughn) Boston - 25, married to Jonathan Boston
    Cecily Vaughn - 17, main character, Canyon's girlfriend
    Emmeline "Emmy" Vaughn and Anastasia "Annie" Vaughn - twins, 14
    Jessica "Jess" Vaughn - 8
    Allison "Ally" Vaughn - 6

    Reynolds family:
    Atticus Sr. Reynolds - father, high level politician
    Katherine Reynolds - mother
    Atticus Jr. Jefferson Reynolds "Canyon" - 17, main character (nickname explained), Cecily's boyfriend
    Lincoln Roosevelt Reynolds - 17, Canyon's twin

    Annabel James
    Andrew "Drew" Blake
    Jacob Kline
    Jonathan Boston

    All opinions on any of these names would be great!!
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