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    Another vote for Marian Illyria. It works very well, and strikes a great balance. You have the Robin Hood, maritime & mystical elements to Marian-- a great "normal" choice! I like the 4-3-4-1 syllable count and the stresses all fall in the right place.

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    Aphrodite Marian Illyria is quite pretty. Plus the initials spelling AMIE is adorable. Congrats!

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    Aphrodite Marian Illyria is gorgeous!!! (Well ok, either way is gorgeous but this is my favorite.), I like the spacing of Marian in between the 4 syllable names for flow, and let's face it, I like that it spells a word. Yay Roo! Congrats on finding her three perfect names! <3
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    Excellent choice Mr Otter. Marian is substantial and beautiful. It rounds out the name perfectly and it's very blue-green.

    At first I preferred Aphrodite Illyria Marian, because Illyria ripples along and Marian has a settling quality that's nice at the end of a name.
    But taking your last name into consideration, I like Aphrodite Marian Illyria. That way the more exotic Aphrodite Illyria isn't a separate unit from the more "normal" Marian Els. It's ABAB rather than AABB. Plus, I really see the appeal of those adorable initials.
    On the other hand, one could argue against putting Illyria and Els up against each other because of the A and the E running together... Just to be fussy.

    Both are great Otter. It's hard to choose.

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    Congrats Ottilie, your boyfriend and Roo for picking such a wonderful name! I absolutely love both combos, though I would pick Aphrodite Marian Illyria. Marian's beginning as well as ending with a consonant makes it clear where the other names start and end; the "e" in Aphrodite runs into the "i" in Illyria a bit. Normally I don't really care about initials but AIME and AMIE are both so sweet! (I'm taking French at school so I noticed right away)

    It must feel so great to be [almost] there!
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