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    My favorites:
    Aphrodite Charis Illyria
    Aphrodite Cressida Ondine
    Aphrodite Cressida Rose
    Aphrodite Cressida Willow
    Aphrodite Stella Maris

    I like Stella Maris but I think it would take a very specific person to fit it; it feels icy and sort of chiseled to me.

    I really like Cressida Rose but I think Cressida Willow is prettier, more liquid/elegant, and flows better.

    I would switch Cressida Ondine to Ondine Cressida for flow, but it works both ways. I absolutely adore Ondine, by the way. It sounds perfect for how you describe Roo.

    And Charis Illyria is just gorgeous. For me it's a three-way tie between Cressida Ondine, Cressida Willow and Charis Illyria.
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    Ooh, your boyfriend is not going to like me...I absolutely love Ondine. It's so sophisticated, and its imagery is spot on. Aphrodite Cressida Ondine is by far my favorite. Perhaps Aphrodite Miranda Ondine would make Ondine more acceptable, as Miranda is a bit more familiar than Cressida? Both combos are stunning.
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    OK so first I'm going to tear apart your suggestions [trying to be very critical]:
    Aphrodite Illyria Laurel-Too many ll's
    Aphrodite Illyria Celeste-Good
    Aphrodite Illyria Clemency-Quite a mouthful
    Aphrodite Illyria Rose or Rosen-Rose seems like a filler
    Aphrodite Charis Illyria-I don't like Charis
    Aphrodite Willow Illyria-Ooooh I like the Aphrodite Willow part but not so much the Illyria [those pesky ll's]

    Aphrodite Tabitha Wren-Good but I am not jumping up and down about Tabitha
    Aphrodite Tabitha Willow-See above

    Aphrodite Nerissa Willow-Aphrodite and Nerrissa are hard to say consecutively.

    I do think you should only have one middle name as quite a lot of these are a mouthful [but I don't think you would be saying the whole thing that often] or simplify some of the mns. I also think you should try out for flow with your surname.

    I am going to keep your other names on me tomorrow and try and work out some combos in my lunch break of something as I don't have time now but some lovely names.

    Sorry if this message came accross as a bit harsh-I'm not that good at being nice-critical. Maybe I'll sound friendlier tomorrow. : ]

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    I'm not very good at combinations, but these stood out to me...

    Aphrodite Daphne Willow
    Aphrodite Miranda Laurel

    Of your choices on the rickety table...

    Aphrodite Cressida Willow is a standout
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    I like unusual names more than familiar names, but don't like any of your lest suggestions except Aphrodite Stella Maris.
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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