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    Aww, I love Illyria and was really hoping you would keep it in there! (Aphrodite Illyria Seawillow jumped right off the page at me)

    If that's out (both seconding and suggesting):
    Aphrodite Cressida Willow
    Aphrodite Nerissa Willow
    Aphrodite Sybilla Wren
    Aphrodite Miranda Laurel
    Aphrodite Miranda Selene
    Aphrodite Olivia Wren
    Aphrodite Melia Florence
    Aphrodite Viola Signe

    I find that something as normal as Rose takes away some of the magic from the combo. I love more whimsical names and I definitely don't think you need something that normal to make the combo work!
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    If you take out Illyria, would you use it as a first name in the future, or only a middle? Just curious. I think Aphrodite and Illyria would be a great pair for sisters! Anyway, I'm not that great at suggesting combos for people, so I'm just going to second Emma's Aphrodite Miranda Willow and Aphrodite Stella Maris. I'll also throw in Aphrodite Miranda Laurel. I think that either two syllable or one syllable names would work best for the second middle name.
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    Aphrodite Illyria Delphine would be my pick.
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    I vote for Aphrodite Charis Illyria first, with my runner up as Aphrodite Illyria Wren.
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    I love either Aphrodite Cressida Willow or Aphrodite Cressida Rose. I mean, does it get more romantic than those names? I love that she's naming herself... it's kinda awesome, and I love how bold you are with names (I tend to be much more timid). Congrats!
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