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    Sean, Connor, Maura, and...?

    Hi all, I'm back! I'm now pregnant with baby number four, girl number two. You all helped me so much in naming my first daughter, I wanted your opinions on the names we're thinking about as well as some suggestions- we've seemed to hit a dead end. This baby will be joining Sean Richard, Connor Patrick, and Maura Catherine. Also, all of my children's names honor relatives in some way, any fresh ideas on how to incorporate Elizabeth (Beth)? Here are some of the names we've been thinking of:

    Maeve Elizabeth- loved this but starting to think it's too close to Maura, what do you think?
    Delaney Beth- my husband thinks it's "too much name" next to the short Maura
    Colleen Elizabeth
    Erin Elizabeth- too popular?
    Aisling/Ashling/Aislin/Ashlyn Elizabeth- we love this one but think it will be endlessly confused with Ashley. Also, what spelling? Bearing in mind we are in the USA.
    Keeva Beth- too out there for the states? Wish we could use the Gaelic spelling but it's much too confusing and impractical for where we live, unfortunately.
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    I love the pairing of Maura and Maeve, very beautiful and spunky for two sisters. I think Maeve adds to Sean, Connor, and Maura perfectly!!

    My second pick would be Keeva, though the gaelic spelling is beautiful, I think Keeva holds its own!
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    loving the irish theme you have going on. Gorgeous name for your first 3 already.

    i agree that Maeve (however lovely) could be too close to Maura.
    I coud be biased as it's my own name, but i think Aisling would work very well in this sibset. Given that you're in America I have to suggest the spellings Ashling or Ashlyn.

    Other suggestions: Orla, Fiona, Tara,
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    I think Maeve is fine, not too similar, and goes beautifully with Elizabeth. i like the spelling Aislinn, none of the anglicizations do it justice.

    Siobhan, Alanna, Nessa or Neve might also work. Neve Elizabeth preserves a lot of the sound of Maeve, but is a little more distinct from Maura.

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    Maeve Elizabeth- I feel like Maeve and Maura are too similar, although Maeve is so lovely. Have you considered Elizabeth Maeve?
    Delaney Beth- I think Delaney seems a bit 90's, and I hate the nickname Laney.
    Colleen Elizabeth- I would go with a more fresh Irish name than Colleen
    Erin Elizabeth- Erin seems too dated, IMO.
    Ashlyn Elizabeth- I prefer this spelling, it's much more Americanized and will be easier to pronounce. I agree it seems similar to Ashely, but it sounds so good with the rest of your childrens name!
    Keeva Beth- A little too out there for the US, but who cares? I love Irish names as well and I agree they usually get butchered in the US, but if you love it, use it. What about Keira Beth?

    I'd suggest Elizabeth Maeve nn Libby or Keira Beth. If not Keira, I would go with Keeva, it's too beautiful to pass up!
    All the best,

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