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    OK, Illyria's being out makes things much easier. Do you want Shakespearean (Nerissa, Viola, Miranda, Cressida) in the middle-middle or family (Laetitia, Vanessa, Polina?) All are identical from a metrical perspective and all sound amazing with Aphro-D.

    I would narrow that down and then pick something shorter, sweeter, and as whimsical as you wish for the final hurrah.
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    Aphro-D! Love it. Who knew this name could sound so funky? Dita, Roo, Aphro-D... So many good nicks!

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    Love that you can still get Roo from Aphrodite! Of your combos I like Aphrodite Illyria Rose the best, although I do like Rosen too. Here are some more combos:
    Aphrodite Rosen Delphine
    Aphrodite Rosa Delphine
    Aphrodite Rosen Cressida
    Aphrodite Cressida Willow
    Aphrodite Willow Delphine
    Aphrodite Viola Rose
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    Aww good, I'm glad you liked them! I am so overly excited to hear new name news whenever I check back here, haha. So I guess as Blade said you have to choose between Shakespeare and family names and then decide whether you want flowers (Rose, Iris) or trees (Willow, Laurel) to close out the combo. Aphrodite Cressida Willow is quite lovely, I actually did have that on the list I was playing with earlier but someone (Ems?) mentioned it before my post so I didn't want to repeat. Cressida Willow and Cressida Rose are my two favorites at the moment I think. =]
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    I love Illyria, but it might be even better to save for a second little one! Of your other MN options, my favorites are Willow, Viola and Rose. They are all mostly normal names, and I don't think they would overshadow Aphrodite.

    Therefore, my non-Illyria votes are:

    Aphrodite Willow Viola

    Aphrodite Willow Rose


    Aprodite Viola Rose
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