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    Yay, yay, yay. First let me just say that Ditaroo has me oohing and ahhing over here with adorableness. I'm glad you just mentioned this because I wanted to bring it up, but as I recall the point of concern just before she was born was to make sure you were naming a 'real child' and had a heavier emphasis on two normal names (ie: Rosalind and Beatrice) and one magical one. Previously the honor of the magical name was given to Illyria which is undeniably lovely, but in my opinion it worked much better in the first combo because the other two names helped to ground it. Now, I'm not saying that it Can't work here, but I do feel that now Aphrodite has become your perfect, beautiful, magical name and as a pp said, she doesn't need any competition. Also being a 4 syllable name she takes command of the combination naturally, and I think sticking with names 3-or-less to follow helps to make sure Aphrodite isn't overshadowed (not quite the right word but hopefully you get what I'm trying to say). Of your original choices I like:

    Aphrodite Laurel Illyria (sounds less L-heavy than when it's Illyria Laurel, and seperates the longer names)
    Aphrodite Willow Illyria (I keep backing myself into corners because I really want to keep a W name in lol)
    Aphrodite Tabitha Willow (I like better than Tabitha Wren for flow, and also prefer more normal Tabitha to Nerissa)

    *Cressida- My fave! I am so obsessed with this name but trying not to be biased
    (Delphine- Didn't you say you don't really like dolphins? lol)
    *Iris- A perfect shorter option that I know you've always been fond of
    *Laurel- Gorgeous but fits less easily into combos than Willow. Ties to your dream are so sweet though
    (Marion- I like the idea of it more than I like the sound of it in a combo here)
    *Rose- I love the idea to tie in to Rosalind, but I prefer the short form to Rosen
    (Selene- Makes the overall feel too much like nighttime for me. Save for Ceridwen)
    (Sylvia- Lovely and honorary, but maybe a bit too foresty?)
    *Vanessa- Very pretty! This has been my favorite to play with today and it is more normal than Nerissa
    *Viola- Would help you have a Shakespeare reference esp. if you don't use Illyria, but I think Violette is too frilly
    *Willow- I adore it, really think you should consider using this if you're allowed, plus it sounds great with most combos

    Aphrodite Cressida Rose
    Aphrodite Viola Willow
    Aphrodite Willow Delphine
    Aphrodite Iris Vanessa
    Aphrodite Cressida Iris
    Aphrodite Rose Viola
    Dominic James~ {7}

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    Celeste is my #1 favourite at the moment so i'm going to be completely biased here! Aphrodite Illyria Celeste is perfect on every level imo but if your boyfriend isn't down with Illyria, then Aphrodite Rose Celeste, Aphrodite Daphne Celete, Aphrodite Willow Celeste and Aphrodite Nerissa Celeste all sound lovely to me.

    My only new contribution: Aphrodite Lazuli Celeste
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    Signe; thanks, and I love your name! So beautiful

    Leona; I like the Olivia Wren one very much, thank you!

    Pinkie; spirits don't change. We evolve and yeah, new things are added but the essence in us, the soul doesn't.

    Hannie, Kyemsma, Archie; thanks so much for your opinions!!!

    Javad; Nashira is gorgeous, if I could persuade my man... he's pretty set on two middles (I don't want to push him into something he doesn't want to) so Illyria may be out. I can always save it for a future child. And Aphrodite Sylvia Rose is lovely. Thank you!!

    Emmsie; Thanks so much, great work as always. I very much like AI Clemency, it's got something. I feel the same way you do about A and roses, feminine and powerful! I like basically all of your combos, A Miranda Idunn and A Cressida Laurel are both outstanding. Wonderful creativeness. Rosebay's out as the dude thinks it's too hippie (crazy man ).

    Amy; I like Ditaroo too, it's cute! I'm saying it all the time. My man is strongly encouraging me to let Illyria go, and even though I do love it, I think we might have to. It hasn't become Roo's name yet, so I can save it for a possible future daughter if I want to. I'm going to try to make it work with two normal middles anyway! You are right; I'm not a fan of dolphins (I mean, I like that they jump, that's pretty neat but they're creepy as well). Maybe just Delphi would be better? Or too Olympian...? I adore all your combos, Cressida Rose and Iris Vanessa are in particular stunning! They might be my favourites with Aphrodite. I'd like to work Laurel (or Willow) in though, if I can. Aphrodite Vanessa Laurel? Aphrodite Cressida Willow? Pretty, but I like your combos better... Thank you, sweetie!

    Freya; Aphrodite Daphne Celeste is beautiful! Thank you!
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    Hmmm, I can't seem to resist chiming back in with more detail.

    I agree with Emma and javad--Tabitha feels very mismatched with the other names to me. I think the "ab" part of Tabitha really clashes with the ethereal-ness of Aphrodite.

    I second pretty much everything Emma said; Miranda and Cressida are some of my favorites, too. I also love Viola, Nerissa, Charis, and Delphine.

    I think with Aphrodite you can get away with one normal middle and one medium-normal middle (something like Viola or Sylvia that's unusual but not terribly obscure.)

    I second Hanniekitt's suggestion of Aphrodite Illyria Charis.


    Aphrodite Viola Delphine
    Aphrodite Charis Illyria
    Aphrodite Cressida Violet/Violette
    Aphrodite Miranda Willow
    Aphrodite Charis Willow
    Aphrodite Nerissa Delphine

    (oh, and I totally get what you mean about dolphins. They creep me out, too. But I still like Delphine--it feels more floral/pastoral than aquatic to me.)
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    Aphrodite Miranda Willow is lovely. I'd forgotten that Willow would relate to your fiancé's name.
    Here's a thought:
    Aphrodite Stella Maris
    Ultra simple but magical and bright. You could start a future astrological theme. I know you're not Christian, but what's not to love about the BVM? Girl power!

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