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    My vote is for Aphrodite Illyria Celeste (absolutely beautiful), Aphrodite Illyria Rose or Aphrodite Tabitha Wren.
    I don't like Willow with Illyria - far too heavy on the 'ill' sound in my opinion. Illyria Laurel is slightly awkward too.

    Here are some other suggestions (apologies for any repeats):
    Aphrodite Tabitha Nell
    Aphrodite Cressida Laurel
    Aphrodite Delphine Rose
    Aphrodite Florence Idunn
    Aphrodite Maia Estelle/Aphrodite Maia Celeste
    Aphrodite Olwen Rose

    And they're all overly frilly, but if you're going with Aphrodite, 'frilliness' is a given!

    Good luck!
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    Long day at work - promise for a more thorough look-see at your list tomorrow (hopefully) but I wanted to share my first impressions on a few of the names.

    Rose - Theoretically I really like the idea of keeping a Rose name to honor her original name but I just keep thinking of Roses as a symbol for Aphrodite and it just seem to themey. All you'd need to do is change Illyria to Elysia/n and it would be a Greek-myth trifecta. I feel similarly about Delphine because it reminds me of Dolphins, Estelle (because it feel like a smoosh of the Evening Star, and Violette. If you decide not to keep Rose you could always plant Roses in the garden or on the patio in honor/remembrance.

    Aello - Oooo... so very intriguing and I love that it's short. Would make for a great 3rd name to balance out two longer ones.

    Angelica - This and Evangeline are just two names I don't get. I actually find the imagery of Angelica and Aphrodite together confusing. Somehow my brain is trying to combine Aphrodite and Psyche and ... nope, it just doesn't jive.

    Clementine - Clementine doesn't feel very blue-green and sea foamy. Instead if feels like bright citrus and yellowy-orange. (I mean you know, like the fruit.)

    Cressida - I like Cressida. It reminds me of waves about to crash onto a beach.

    Delphine - see the Rose/n combo above.

    Estelle - see the Rose/n combo above.

    Florence - Too Bottecelli Venus! I feel like you wanted to honor the painter but didn't want people to notice. I'd use Simonetta his suspected love instead.

    Miranda - Too much Shakespeare if paired with Illyria. Aphrodite Miranda Aello.

    Nell - I really like Nell for the same reason I love Wren. It's short and sweet and would make a great 2nd middle to balance out two longer names in 1st and 2nd place. Aphrodite Cressida Nell

    Selene - Aphrodite Illyria Selene would be beautiful.

    Viola - see the Rose/n combo above. Though I do love this but if you paired it with Illyria would it be too much Shakespeare?

    Violette - see the Rose/n combo above.
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    I've already posted with some new suggestions but I just thought... Aphrodite Illyria Beatrice is in fact rather stunning! I actually really like Beatrice combined with quite a few if your new names... It flows rather well with Aphrodite and
    Aphrodite Beatrice Delphine,
    Aphrodite Beatrice Laurel
    Aphrodite Beatrice Pearl are all extremely pretty! Just some food for thought if you wanted to pay a tribute to her original name!

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    Well I am pretty sure you already know my opinion - Aphrodite Willow Illyria plucks at my heartstrings@! I think, despite the double-twelfth night reference (and who cares? It might be my favorite shakespeare play) I also love Aphrodite Illyria Viola (gorgeous!!!)

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