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    Just wanted to chime in that Rosen is a very common Jewish surname, and may come off sounding as such at the end of a three-name combo.

    That being said, I like your Aphrodite Illyria Rose the best.

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    I Love Aphrodite Delphine Rose and Aphrodite Illyria Rose, I like the idea of paying homage to her first name and could also act as the "normal" name in the mix.

    Otherwise i like Aphrodite Illyria Celeste and or Aphrodite Willow Celeste (gives me the image of movement)

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    I really love Aphrodite Illyria Celeste and Aphrodite Charis Illyria. Really love Charis.
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    I love Aphrodite Illyria Rose.

    Aphrodite Illyria Selene and Aphrodite Illyria Olwen would also make some really beautiful combinations
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    Of the combos you mentioned my faves are Aphrodite Illyria Laurel or Aphrodite Willow Illyria! I love either Willow or Laurel in the mix as I think they really ground the name without dampening the whimsy! I would be inclined not to use Illyria, pretty though it is as Aphrodite is a beautiful, bold, unusual choice and I think two more familiar names allow her to be the star... Complimenting her rather than competing for the spotlight! That said Illyria is stunning and I like the idea if having a tie to her original name! Hmmmmmm I would go:
    Aphrodite Willow Delphine (Delphine compliments Aphrodite and fits the visual so perfectly! I love it!)
    Aphrodite Miranda Delphine
    Aphrodite Laurel Clemency
    Aphrodite Florence Willow
    Aphrodite Clementine Laurel
    Aphrodite Ophelia Willow (really like Ophelia in the mix!)
    Also.... not a Wren fan but Lark is very sweet... Aphrodite Florence Lark?

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