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    I like Ryanne or Ryann for honoring purposes. Perhaps, you'd like Ryley Ann as another idea.
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    I would prefer Ryan as a middle name.

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    I like it, and since it's an honor name I think you should go for it. It wouldn't be the first name that someone mispronounced, and it's not unattractive or overly contrived as a feminization. Ryann or Ryley Ann are also good ideas though, FWIW.

    There's a whole list of bird baby names here, btw - Bird Baby Names - List | I like Ryanne Lark best.

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    I would pronounce it incorrectly. My first thought was Rhian (as in Rhiannon). Ryanne just looks made-up to me. If you'd like to honor your brother, I'd either just use the name Ryan (though my first thought would be it's a boy, I can understand if it's honoring a family member) or choose something similar like Rhian or Rhiannon. There's also Nyra, an anagram of Ryan's name, and both Rhya (pronounced RYE-uh) and Raya (same) which use the first syllable of the name.

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    I like it, and I've seen it before, though it's somewhat rare. Ryanne Allegra or Ryanne Alexandra sound good to me.

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