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    His middle name is Hunter, which was a factor when we named our son Archer. So not really. I guess I was just asking if people would pronounce it RYE-ANNE, like Diane. Ryanne is a feminization of Ryan, it's been used before. I HATE Rhiannon or Rhianna, sorry please stop with those abominations.
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    I would say it like Diane. NMS but it is an obvious honor name. And if you hate Rhianon maybe it's your best bet.

    I would consider something like :

    Kerry Anne (kerRY ANne)

    So you could kind of stretch it so something like Corrine Annaliese (Corry-Ann) into an honor name for Ryan.

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    A teacher I had years ago named her daughter Ryanne, said like Ryan (her maiden name). Everyone, including me, tried to pronounce it like Diane-with-an-R. My teacher was so frustrated, but I don't know what she expected. Ryanne is pretty straightforward to me, and as an english teacher, she shouldn't have been surprised.

    Bottom line, I think most people will get Ryanne. I'm not crazy about it, but I love meaningful names, and this would obviously be a sentimental choice for you. How about Ryanne Violet, Ryanne Magnolia, Ryanne Lily, Ryanne Prairie, or Ryanne Luna?
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    I wouldn't feminize it. I mean, you are already naming her a traditionally masculine name. You're doing it for a good reason, though, I'm not being mean. But I would go with a straighfoward Ryan, I like it a lot better.

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    But I don't want to. I really like Ryanne. My husband liked Ryland (for a girl) but I nixed it. I don't like Ryan for a girl, it's too masculine. Why not feminize it? I am not creating this name. This is a name that has been used for more years than I've been alive.
    Charlotte is a feminization, and that's pretty popular, people shouldn't used it because Charles is maculine? ... I know you're not being mean but it just sounds ridiculous.... Unless you're not seeing that they will be pronounced 2 different ways...

    I really like the suggestions of Violet and Luna for middles.

    Does anyone know any bird species names other than Wren? My sisters name is Renn but my brother LOVED birds. I'd love to find a neat nature middle that would tie them both in!

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