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    Thoughts on Ryanne?

    I have fallen in love with Ryanne (Ry-anne) as a way to honor my late brother Ryan. I'm just not sure if people will pronounce it right. What are your thoughts on Ryanne??

    Suggestions on nature or floral etc middle names would be helpful!

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    Ryanne is not really my style but I don't think people will be confused with pronunciation, I think it's pretty straightforward. Ryanne Willow or Ryanne Sage sound nice.

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    I would stick to the Ryan spelling or use Rhianna or Rhiannon instead. Most people are going to see Ryanne as a "feminized" spelling of Ryan and pronounce it the same.
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    That's what i meant, RYE-ANNE. 2 syllables.
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    I am not a fan of Ryanne either. What is your brother's middle name? Could you use a feminized version of that instead? Or have you considered using Rhiannon? Keeps the same basic sounds, but loses the made-up aspect of Ryanne. I also think the pronunciation is clear. Rianne might clarify it even more because Dianne is a name everyone knows.

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