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    Are Allison and Jessica older than the other four sisters? They seem like they're from another family. Edison is too close to Allison so that name should be eliminated.

    1 Dominic
    2 Tobias
    3 Matthias
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    To answer questions.. Yes Allison and Jessica are oldest. Also, yes I did base some of the names for the book off of her names with her permission, however the book characters are called exclusively by their nicknames, and her children often use their full names. In addition to that, the names were originally place holders, and I am now working on rePlacing the rarely used full names of the characters with full names that have the same nicknames. (Jessica will be Jessamine, Allison is Alayna, Eleanor is probably Elizabeth, Anastasia to Anneliese, etc). Thanks for the suggestions so far! Seems like Dominic is the favorite.
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    Dominic and Caspian = awesome. Either of these would be spectacular choices.
    Mattias = decent.
    Tobias = I don't like this name, and the NN Toby sounds funny to me.
    Edison = would be good, but too similar to Allison.

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    Toby fits in seamlessly and it is a great favourite of mine. I like the friendly Toby on his own but if you want the longer more formal Tobias that's ok.

    Sisters Allison, Jessica, Emmeline, Anastasia, Cecily and Eleanor.

    If you don't mind a repeating first letter I also think Everett nn Rhett is a great match.


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    I like all of the names except Mattias and Dominic (too common)... It would completely depend on the surname at this point. If the surname ends or begins with an N, I'd go for Tobias/ Toby. If not, it's between Caspian and Edison for me... and that's a hard choice, as those are really 2 of my favourite names ever... Congrats!
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