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Thread: Family Names

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    Family Names

    I'd like to honor my father and stepfather by naming any future boys after them. The problem is their first names rhyme. My fathers name is Brian and my stepfathers name is Ryan. Their middle names r William (father) and Kirk (stepfather). Any help on ways to honor them both would be appreciated.

    I'm not currently pregnant with a boy I'm pregnant with a girl..this is for any future boys DH and I may have.

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    Hmmm... let's see. How about

    William Kirk or Kirk William - both of these sound handsome and are honoring both father and stepfather


    Ryan William
    Kirk Brian
    Brian Kirk

    Hope some of these suggestions help!

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    Maybe you could use Bryan? It's Brian with Ryan right in there.
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    I love the idea of using the Bryan spelling. I really like Kirk too. William Kirk is very handsome; I also like Kirk Brian.

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    I don't know if I would use Bryan. Even though it has Ryan in it I'd still feel like I was naming my son after my father and just changing the spelling, not naming him after both. And I'd always worry that my stepfather would feel that way to. William Kirk is cute though

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