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  • Ophelia

    22 31.43%
  • Octavia

    14 20.00%
  • Ottilia

    9 12.86%
  • Aurelia

    25 35.71%
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    Ophelia, Octavia, Ottilia, or Aurelia?

    I have just a little over a month til my due date, so I think it's about time to settle on a middle name for Catherine if this bub is a girl. I asked DH about it last night, and he said he's fine with all of the choices, so he's leaving the final decision up to me. Now, if he had decided that earlier, I would have chosen Catherine Ophelia without a second thought, but I've spent most of this pregnancy thinking that he probably wouldn't agree to Ophelia in the end that I've really fallen in love with the other three options, too!

    The four choices are:

    Catherine Ophelia
    Catherine Octavia
    Catherine Ottilia
    Catherine Aurelia

    I know his top choice is still Aurelia. Judging the names on their own, Aurelia is my second favorite behind Ophelia, but I'm stuck on the idea of an "O" name for Catherine's middle for some reason. Octavia is second on both our lists and would probably be the best compromise, but I worry I might regret not using Ophelia when I had the chance. As for Ottilia, it's the newest name on the list and hubby's least favorite of the bunch (although he does like it), yet I just can't seem to give it up... Can I just pull a Uma and call her Catherine Ophelia Octavia Ottilia Aurelia? No?

    Yeah, not an option.

    Help me out, Berries! Which name do you think we should use? Thank you!
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