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    havnt gotten any positive feedback on....

    Trinity Jade. Her older brothers are Tristan and Travis. I thought it sounded pretty,stuck with the tr names, and she will be number three. ive gotten picked apart for this name on other name boards. what are your thoughts/opinions on this name?

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    Too matchy for me, but im a bit obsessive about all kids names having first and last letters different..

    I love the name Trinity tho

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    I agree with bettydogooder...

    Im not a matching first inital kind of gal... BUT Tristan and Travis are at least different other than the TR...

    But to me Trinity and Tristan are tooooo close!!! ( although I dont mind the name Trinity)

    Maybe you could find another T or TR name that doesnt have as many similar sounds?
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    I agree with the previous posters-- I like the name but not the matchiness.
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    I agree with the others. I love the name Trinity itself, but it sounds too similar to Tristan in my opinion. Tristan and Travis sound really well together because the third letter is dissimilar. For example, if you went with Treasa Jade, it wouldn't sound so similar because that third letter isn't an i or and a. But I do love the name Trinity.
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