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    Help With Timeline!

    Tonight my husband and I will be talking about a timeline for having kids for the first time. We've talked about it a little but last night decided we should reevaluate.

    I am so nervous about the chat! We are both young and I know he wants to travel as do I. On the other hand I also know he wants kids very badly! We got married last summer and are coming up on one year here. So of course I want kids very badly. I just don't know what to plan for! Saving for travel or saving for a house to settle down in! I WANT to travel, I WANT to have kids! Just can't have both at the same time! I feel like by the time we save up and travel to a bunch of different places, it will be a good 5 to 8 years down the road. Since we are young that woul be fine and we could totally have kids afterwards. But then It could take years to actually conceive and I just don't think I can wait that long! I'd like to have kids in the next few years! Any ideas of things to being up or discuss with my hubby tonight?!

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