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    Find names for these babies!

    You read the title-- give these a try! It's simple-- read the specifications for each family, then come up with a name.

    1. Brady (DW) and Beckett (DH) are expecting twins-- not only do they wish to have the babies' genders be a delivery room surprise, they want all unisex names. Come up with two names for the babies that would fit twins of any gender (that is, ONLY two names!)

    2. Ophelia and Jack are expecting a little boy, and, being that they were both named after their grandparents, wish to do the same for their son. However, they aren't sure they want to do what their parents did, in naming him EXACTLY after them. Ophelia's parents are Melinda and Joseph; Jack's are Penelope and George. It is not important who specifically they honor, but they wish to honor with BOTH the first and middle name.

    3. John and Rose are expecting B/G/B/G quadruplets, and wish to carry on their family's theme of one syllable first names. Middle names can be anything. First names should not begin with the same initial-- neither should middle names.

    4. Alex and Kathryn are expecting a little girl. They wish to honor Kathryn's grandmother Ella with her middle name. First name can be anything, but must go nicely with their sons' names, James Atticus and Stellan Xavier.

    5. Alice and Peter were absolutely certain they were expecting a little girl, but at the very last moment found their little lady was in fact a little man. They are still in love with their girl name, Evie Louise-- so find a way to turn it into a boy's name!

    Good luck, all!
    Coming soon -- unsurprisingly.

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