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Thread: Pageant Royals

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    Pageant Royals

    Pageant Kings & Queens

    Here in Beaumont, we’re big on pageants. Listed below are our Winners in every division for the 2015 Summer Pageant season.

    ROYALTY (Ages 55+)
    King Beaumont - GHV
    Queen Beaumont - LRC

    COURT (20-54)
    Lady Beaumont -KDS
    Lord Beaumont - BWJ

    TEENS (13-19)
    Duchess Beaumont - JQU
    Duke Beaumont -ATM

    PRETEENS (10-12)
    Princess Beaumont - OPF
    Prince Beaumont – INE

    KIDS (6-9)
    Mademoiseille Beaumont - ZIV
    Monsieur Beaumont -EBQ

    LITTLES (3-5)
    Little Miss Beaumont - YFP
    Little Mr. Beaumont -TJA

    TODDLERS (1-2)
    Miss Baby Beaumont - OCG
    Mr. Baby Beaumont - SXK

    NEWBIES (Under 12 mo)
    New Miss Beaumont - DLR
    New Mr. Beaumont - MHW

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    ROYALTY (Ages 55+)
    King Beaumont - Gerald Herschel Vance
    Queen Beaumont - Lisa Ruth Carson

    COURT (20-54)
    Lady Beaumont - Katie Doreen Swan
    Lord Beaumont - Bryan Walter Jones

    TEENS (13-19)
    Duchess Beaumont - Jada Quinn Ulman
    Duke Beaumont - Andrew Thomas Michaels

    PRETEENS (10-12)
    Princess Beaumont - Olivia Paris Fitzgerald
    Prince Beaumont – Ian Nathaniel Edwards

    KIDS (6-9)
    Mademoiseille Beaumont - Zennia Isolde Vance
    Monsieur Beaumont - Ewan Blake Quincy

    LITTLES (3-5)
    Little Miss Beaumont - Yeardley Faith Paulson
    Little Mr. Beaumont - Trevor James Amesbury

    TODDLERS (1-2)
    Miss Baby Beaumont - Opal Clementine Greene
    Mr. Baby Beaumont - Shawn Xavier Kent

    NEWBIES (Under 12 mo)
    New Miss Beaumont - Darcy Lynne Reynolds
    New Mr. Beaumont - Maverick Henry Winslow
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    ROYALTY (Ages 55+)
    King Beaumont - George Harvy Vanderbilt
    Queen Beaumont - Laura Raye Carnes

    COURT (20-54)
    Lady Beaumont -Kristina Darcy Simons
    Lord Beaumont - Brady William Jenkins

    TEENS (13-19)
    Duchess Beaumont - Jessa Quinn Underwood
    Duke Beaumont -Andre Theo Masters

    PRETEENS (10-12)
    Princess Beaumont - Ophelia Paige Fremont
    Prince Beaumont – Isaiah Nolan Estrada

    KIDS (6-9)
    Mademoiseille Beaumont - Zadie Iris Vanover
    Monsieur Beaumont -Elias Bennett Quinlan

    LITTLES (3-5)
    Little Miss Beaumont - Yasmin Freya Philips
    Little Mr. Beaumont -Tobin James Anderson

    TODDLERS (1-2)
    Miss Baby Beaumont - Olivia Catherine Goins
    Mr. Baby Beaumont - Simon Xavier Kingsley

    NEWBIES (Under 12 mo)
    New Miss Beaumont - Drea Linnea Rawlins
    New Mr. Beaumont - Mitchell Hayden Williams

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    [FONT=Arial Narrow]ROYALTY (Ages 55+)
    King Beaumont – Gregory Harold Vance
    Queen Beaumont – Loretta Renee Charlton

    COURT (20-54)
    Lady Beaumont –Katherine Deanne Sullivan
    Lord Beaumont – Benjamin William Jones

    TEENS (13-19)
    Duchess Beaumont – Jasmine Quincy Urban
    Duke Beaumont –Avery Thomas Matthews

    PRETEENS (10-12)
    Princess Beaumont – Olivia Pearl Freeman
    Prince Beaumont – Isaac Noah Ellis

    KIDS (6-9)
    Mademoiseille Beaumont – Zada Isabelle Vereen
    Monsieur Beaumont –Emmett Beau Quimby

    LITTLES (3-5)
    Little Miss Beaumont – Yessina Francesca Perez
    Little Mr. Beaumont –Tobias Julian Andrews

    TODDLERS (1-2)
    Miss Baby Beaumont – Ophelia Claire Gore
    Mr. Baby Beaumont – Sebastian Xavier Kingsley

    NEWBIES (Under 12 mo)
    New Miss Beaumont – Delaney Lou Rowe
    New Mr. Beaumont – Micah Hayden Williams
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    ROYALTY (Ages 55+)
    King Beaumont - Gabriel Henry Vaughn
    Queen Beaumont - Loretta Renee Carlson "Lorie"

    COURT (20-54)
    Lady Beaumont - Katie Diane Smith
    Lord Beaumont - Brandon William Johnson

    TEENS (13-19)
    Duchess Beaumont - Josie Quinn Underwood
    Duke Beaumont - Andrew Thomas Moore "Drew"

    PRETEENS (10-12)
    Princess Beaumont - Olivia Paige Foster
    Prince Beaumont – Isaiah Nathaniel Elston

    KIDS (6-9)
    Mademoiseille Beaumont - Zoey Imogen Vaughn
    Monsieur Beaumont - Elias Blake Quincy "Eli"

    LITTLES (3-5)
    Little Miss Beaumont - Yasmin Fiona Parker
    Little Mr. Beaumont - Theodore James Astin "Theo"

    TODDLERS (1-2)
    Miss Baby Beaumont - Odessa Claire Greenwood
    Mr. Baby Beaumont - Samuel Xavier King "Sammy"

    NEWBIES (Under 12 mo)
    New Miss Beaumont - Dahlia Leanne Rivers
    New Mr. Beaumont - Malachi Henry Woods
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