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    I am right with you rin. Fear and guilt are exactly what I struggle with. Optomism is great but it doesn't trump realism.
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    Big babies aren't necessarily harder to birth - smaller babies are the ones who tend to twist themselves into awkward positions! I would be wary of being induced - inductions are often the beginning of a cascade of intervention that leads to a C-section. I have not had a VBAC (or a c-section) myself, but I think they can be awesome, healing experiences. I'd go for it
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    If I had a baby tomorrow...
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    Please check out
    She has so very many stories about successful VBACs from women like yourself.
    She sometimes does let women write in about their unassisted home births (which I really don't agree with - I personally had a beautiful experience with my midwife but I strongly believe all births should have an attendant if possible).
    Hope reading other's experiences helps!

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