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    A girl's name list we both like (mostly)

    I came home early from work and took some time to rest, try to eat and go over our girl's name list. You all had great ideas!

    We both like most of these names and feel they can replace Alice which we can't use because our last name is Lewi$. Do these work with our last name? We think the feel Alice-y, do you? I am concerned that the names with Ls in them may not sound right with our name.

    Any middle name ideas?

    Marie - current front runner
    Helena - I love this but does it work?
    Irene - He loves this but I'm not sure
    Claire - or Clara?

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    I think these are some great options! My favorites are

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    I think most (if not all) of these work. Marie Lewis is really pretty, I would suggest something longish for the middle since Marie and Lewis are both 5 letters, 2 syllables. Maybe..
    Marie Josephine Lewis
    Marie Clementine Lewis
    Marie Adelaide Lewis
    Marie Alyssa Lewis (Alyssa is similar to Alice, but I think Alyssa works better).
    Aria Lewis is really pretty! Violet would be my next choice, and Marie coming in 3rd choice.
    Aria Violet Lewis (I've always though Aria Violet was gorgeous! Just my luck both names were on your list, )
    Aria Marie Lewis
    Violet Marie (this combo is stunning!) Lewis
    Violet Anna Lewis
    Hm... I guess my top 3 out of all of these would be (in no specific order): Marie Alyssa, Aria Violet and Violet Marie.
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    I really like Helena with your LN! (Assuming you're pronouncing it HEL-len-uh, Huh-lay-nuh doesn't flow as well) Marie is also lovely, and kind of refreshing in the FN spot! Mary would be very nice, too.

    I might avoid Juliet because there is a famous actress named Juliette Lewis...but I don't think she's a bad connection (don't know a ton about her) so if it doesn't bother you it's still quite lovely.

    I also really like Anna, Dorothy, and Rose. Violet and Claire are pretty but a tiny bit too much l sound for me.

    I would do something like...
    Helena Rose
    Helena Juliet
    Helena Catherine
    Helena Margaret
    Marie Rose
    Marie Juliet
    Marie Josephine
    Marie Bernadette
    Mary Elizabeth
    Anna Rose
    Anna Elizabeth
    Anna Catherine
    Anna Margaret
    Anna Caroline
    Anna Verity
    Rose Helena
    Rose Annabel
    Rose Margaret
    Rose Elizabeth
    Rose Eleanor

    I also think Rosemarie Lewis would be stunning, and you would have the option of calling her Marie or Rose!

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    How about Marie+Anna? Marianna Lewis; nn Marie since its your front runner.
    I love Aria Juliet.
    I like Irena (ee REN ah), but Irene (eye reen, I assume) sounds kinda old lady to me.

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