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    Our first boy's name list!

    While home feeling less than perky today (I can't wait til I feel like eating again! And its been over 3 months) I put together the starting list of boys names.
    I think we have a lot to choose from. The only name from his list I can almost handle is Beckett and he thinks Asher is ok.
    We are using William as a middle name. Any you think won't work with that middle name? Any other name input? Our last name is Lewi$.

    We both Like:

    He likes:

    I like:

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    Since you both like a name ending in double ts, what do you think of Garrett, Barrett, Jarrett, Wyatt, Bennett, Abbott amongst others? I particularly really like Garrett William Lewi$ and Jarrett William Lewi$.

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    Going along with the post above mine ^ ^ ^
    How about Emmett?
    Emmett William Lewis
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    We both Like:
    Graham- A great name... Mature and short with a lot of punch.
    Duncan- Love. This is a favourite of mine, but I could never use it (it just doesn't fit with our exotic last name well). I really would love to meet a young Duncan. It's unique and manly (a la Tim Duncan... Yay Spurs!) and it's easy to pronounce, but he'll never have another Duncan in class. It also reminds me of Duncan Sheik, a slightly hippyish singer with a beautiful voice.
    Jasper- I like this name, really I do... but not as much as Duncan.

    He likes:
    Marcus- Love the Roman connotations.
    August- A nice name.
    Beckett- Too trendy for me.

    I like:
    Asher- My fav from your list.
    Everett- Overdone.
    Isaac- Ditto.

    For me, it would be:
    1. Duncan
    2. Jasper
    3. Graham
    4. Asher
    5. August

    Congrats and Good luck!
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    We both Like:
    Graham- I've never been such a fan of this name, except in the MN spot.
    Duncan- I like this name quite a lot. It's underused and a solid choice.
    Jasper- This is one of my favorite names ever. I feel like it's got greatness from many angles. It's vintage but also modern, it's meaningful in several ways, it's recognized but not overly common (even recognized in variations in lots of other countries), it feels like it could fit just about any personality and it's just plain awesome.

    He likes:
    Marcus- This is a solid name choice, but if you don't really like it, no reason to go with it. I like the name Marcus, but not as big a fan of Mark.
    August- This is my favorite of the one's on his list. Seems like it almost fits your style too.
    Beckett- This is my least favorite of all mentioned names, and the only one I don't really like with William.

    I like:
    Asher- I used to not like this name much, but I'm starting to come around to it.
    Everett- This is my favorite from your list, and one that seems to me like it'd fit his style as well.
    Isaac- It's okay. I'm not a big fan, but I can see the appeal.

    My Top 4
    1. Jasper
    2. Everett
    3. August
    4. Duncan
    Updated Name List- Vote away...

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