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    Boy name needed to go with big sister Lily Mae

    We have been playing around with names and have come up with Langston Bernard. It has some family connection because my husbands mothers maiden name was Lange and my fathers name is Bernard. Planning to call him L.B for short or my fav- "bear"
    Is Langston too much of a mouthful for a first name? I wanted something different and meaningful , but not yet sold on langston. We have been looking dr stylish and unpopular but not weird. Other subside rations have been luca, Hudson, Greyson Noah...


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    I like Langston Bernard. He could also go by Lane as a nn. However, I don't think it goes well with Lily Mae. They are such different styles.

    With Lily Mae, I like Luca Bernard the best.
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    Lily and Flynn.
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    I love Langston, it is an underused gem. It's got that vintage quality while still maintaining a unique (but mature) edge. It's only 2 syllables, so you wouldn't need to worry about it being a mouthful. Plus, it's one of those names in the U.S. that if the other person can't pronounce, it doesn't look bad for you (they just look uneducated... who hasn't heard of Langston Hughes???). My only reservation is that then you'd have 2 L names. If you plan to have a 3rd, would you go for another L name? Another name I like equally as much, and in the same style, is Booker. Your other options are ok, but Langston is in a completely different league for me.
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    I like Langston Bernard a lot a lot. And the fact that both names have a family connection I think makes it even better. To me that'd outweigh the worry about the two L names or whether or not Lily and Langston have the same style or not. My second favorite of your options is Luca (but I like that a lot less with Lily), I'm not a fan of the other ones.
    I feel like Langston is one of the greatest underused gems around, and it's very underused. I can't really understand why.
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