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    A brother for Sam & Finn! 3 weeks left and we haven't decided yet! :S

    Hi I'm new! Ive been stalking the forums for a while to find names for our 3rd boy who is due in about 3 weeks! We have two boys already, 3 year old Sam Patrick and a nearly 2 year old called Finn Alexander. We're not sure whether we want to stick with the 1 syllable theme but a lot of the names that we like are one syllable.

    the middle name is going to be David after my grandfather and so far we like the names:
    Peter (I really love this but OH isnt sure)
    Joe (Maybe even Jonah or Joseph)

    But we cant really agree on any. OH says we should just take this list with us and decide when we see him but I'm worried that we still wont be able to agree on a name even then! I really want Lewis, Peter or Oliver but OH really wants Max, Micah or Noah. Ahhhh! :S

    What are you favourites from the list and do you have any suggestions? Thanks!

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    When I first read your post, the first name that came to mind was Jack David. I love Jack with Sam and Finn!
    From your list, my favorites are Max and Peter.

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    I really like Jack! OH vetoed it when we were naming Finn but I might bring it up again! He's mentioned that he liked Jax so maybe he'll like Jack now


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    Our of the names on your like I like Noah best paired with David, but I also like Lewis and Peter.

    Just like kyemsma, I also thought of Jack when I read your post. Jack goes really well with Sam and Finn
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    Sam Patrick, Finn Alexander, and ...

    Max David or Noah David or Jonah David would be choices from your list. Peter David is okay but I don't like your other choices with your two sons names.

    With Sam and Finn, I also really like names ending in o or s:

    Leo David, Arlo David, Milo David, Silas David, Jonas David, Miles David

    And other nicknames as first names:

    Alex David, Nick David,
    Gwendolyn Mae... Meredith Jane. ... Josephine Claire...Catherine Esme... Evelyn Grace ** Arlo Grant ... Drew Thomas ... Eli James ... Owen Vincent... Jay Theodore

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