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    Does this name honor that name?

    Hi Berries,
    Hubby and I are still working on our boy's list. While we try to finalize our selections, I have a question for you. My g.grandmother's maiden name was McGill. Do you think if we used the name Gilbert, with the nn Gil, it could be in her honor? Do you think people would make the connection. Before you answer, you should know I'm a strong traditionalist. For example, when considering girl names, I couldn't bring myself to use "Jane" to honor my mother "Jan," because I didn't feel they were related enough. Thanks!

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    I do think that Gilbert/Gil could be used to honor McGill - I feel its a little different from the Jane/Jan thing because you are honoring a surname.

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    Other variations...
    Giles (pn with a "J" sound like "Jar")

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    I do think that it honors McGill- another option is to just use McGill in the middle.

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    I can definitely see the connection. To be honest, I think "does this name honour that name" is a personal question. Some people are okay with using a name with the same meaning or same first letter, while others will only consider the exact name. If you think it's enough, it's enough, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Good luck!
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