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    Thoughts on Kirby?

    Just wondering what general opinions people have on Kirby?

    My normal boy name tastes gravitate towards spunky classics like Arthur, Winston and Theodore, so this one is very 'out there' for me.

    I just like the sound of it. Plus it appeals to the geek in me (Jack Kirby, original illustrator of X-Men, Captain America etc.)
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    LOVE the name Kirby. Reminds me of a nice, smart kid I went to high school with. Different without being too 'out there.'

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    I want to like it, but it's a common surname where I'm from, so it would just feel like the kid has a list of last names with no real first name. Maybe you don't hear it much as a last name in your area, or maybe you do and it doesn't bother you. I know surnames are "in." But this one just feels TOO last-namey to be a legitimate first name to me. I recommend the similar names Kelby (I know a boy mid-20s named Kelby), Trilby, Ellerby, or Nickleby.

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    I love this name, as I had a teacher in high school named Kirby. He really changed my life, so I have a strongly positive association with this name. He was a cowboy sort, so it does make me think of a rough-and-tumble sort of a guy...
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    My association with this name is all Kirby Puckett (former MLB- baseball- player). But I used to play close attention to baseball, not a ton of people would make this association anymore.
    It's an alright name, though I do like your other mentioned options more (except for maybe Winston, which would be a solid name if it weren't for the cigarette brand IMO)
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