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    Creative Ways to Honor a "John" or a "Matthew"

    Hi All-
    Hubby and I are ttc our second child, and while I thought I felt good about our boy names, after posting a poll and getting (helpful!) feedback, I have decided I hate them all (almost.)
    Anyway, his sibling will be Harold Jonathan, who goes by nn Hal. Harold is in honor of his grandfather and great-grandfather. We have (lots) of 'Johns' and 'Matthew' would be in honor of my hubby, who goes by nn Matt.
    Can you help me find a creative way of using John and/or Matthew that would also go with a sibling named Harold, nn Hal?? Thanks so much!!

    P.S.- Yes, Jonathan is in honor of one of the many 'Johns' on our family tree, but as a mn, it is hardly EVER used. I really love the name, even though it is sooooo popular, I would be open to using as a fn, even though we already used a form of it for Hal's mn.

    Also, I try really hard to avoid names in the top 100 for popularity. I gave up on several girl names I loved b/c they were just too common, so I'm pretty set on this 'rule.'

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