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    We're having a boy... and we have no names!!

    Hello! First-time poster to this forum. We found out a few weeks ago that we're having boy. We're thrilled! So far things seem to be going well, so now we're starting to focus on names. I had it in my head that it was going to be a girl, only because I kept thing girl names during the whole first trimester and beginning of the second tri. So now I feel like we're starting at square one!

    We already have a nine-year-old son, whose name is Mason Raymond. (Our choice of Mason happened WAY before the Kardashian craze, and Raymond is in memory of my grandfather). I'm having such a hard time with this... finding a great name that suits a little boy but that transitions well into a man's name can be a challenge! When I was pregnant with Mason I originally wanted his name to be Jack, but we changed our minds. I still really like Jack, but it's not my number one choice anymore (plus I know a lot of Jacks at my son's school). I'd rather not pick a name that is too popular, but I may need to just forget about that and find one we both actually agree on!

    I would have picked Calvin, but that's my husband's name (and he doesn't want a junior). Our last name is Kalscheuer (pronounced Kal-sure), so it needs to flow with that.

    My list so far...


    Not sure of a middle name yet. My grandma's maiden name was Hopper, so I wouldn't mind using that, but I haven't even asked my husband yet. My son votes for Josh, but that's my brother's name, and I also like Eli, but my husband's cousin already has a son named Eli.
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    Congratulations, and welcome to Nameberry!

    The name on your list that I think sounds best with your last name is Keaton (I LOVE name is alliterative and lots of people have complimented it). I think Keaton Kalscheuer sounds amazing and memorable.

    I don't think Jack works well with your last name, since the K in Jack would run into the K in Kalscheuer.

    I've heard lots of negative comments on the name Cohen, as it seems to be offensive to Jewish people, so I recommend steering clear of that one.

    Cole Kalscheuer also sounds fantastic because of the K sound, and my other favorites are Nolan, Miles, and Reid.

    Others you may like:


    Good luck!

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    I'm still debating how I feel about -er ending names with your last name. If I like it - then I like Xavier. If not then I like Miles

    I also would steer clear from Cohen, and I also don't like Mercer with your surname because the -cer -sure endings end up making it sound odd to me.

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    Ok, I'd steer clear of the -er sound at the end of the 1st name, as it may rhyme or sound choppy with your surname ending in -er. So, I'm not a fan of Mercer or Xavier Kalscheuer. I'd also not go for Jack or any other name ending in a -c/-ck/-k, as it will slur to become Jackalscheuer. From your list, I like Keaton, Seth, Reid, Leo, and Jude. To me, those are all unique, mature, timeless classics.

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    I really like Miles, Nolan, Everett and Leo with your last names. Miles is probably my favorite but I don't know if you want to use the same initial as your first son. It might be nice to use Calvin as a middle name. If you decide to do that, it find of rules out Nolan because of the flow.

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