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    Cool Baby's sex at 12wk ultrasound?

    Hey again 'Berries!

    This is just a question I want to ask strictly for fun. I have my 12-week ultrasound this coming Wednesday morning, 5/29, at 8:30 a.m.. And just thinking about it makes me so nervous I could puke. And no, it's not morning sickness cause I haven't had any of that! I'm just absolutely deathly scared. And hubby is at work, across the country, so I'm on my own. <<GULP>>

    Anyway, so I'm on here trying to distract myself! So I'm just curious if any of the Nameberry mama's or mama's-to-be ever found out the sex of their little one at the 12 week ultrasound? I know all the data, it's very unlikely and all that, blah blah - but I've also heard stories where it has happened.

    So what about you??

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    My sister was told 12 weeks she was having a girl, and they were right. The chances are just lower that they are right, its more of a straight up guess. But when it came to the 20 week ultrasound she wanted to redo it to make sure. But sure it is possible!
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    I think at that point it's just an educated guess, genitalia aren't even developed yet, so they're basing it on what HAS developed, which varies ever so slightly but is very very hard for even an experienced technician or doctor to distinguish. I've never heard of anyone finding out the gender at 12 weeks via ultrasound.

    However, there ARE blood tests now that can be taken as early as 12 weeks which can tell you if the baby is definitely a boy, or most likely a girl (based on Y chromosomes in the fetal DNA in the mother's blood). I believe they JUST started allowing doctors to tell patients gender as a result of this blood test (actually a finger stick) - I can't remember which test it is, either the nuchal or MaterniT21. I'm not sure if it's available outside the US for gender, either.
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    Mine didn't want to make a guess because it would have been just that, a guess. I know many people who have found out at the 12-13 week though, many were right, some were surprised again at the anatomy scan. Doesn't hurt to ask, but don't be surprised if they decline to guess or warn you not to start shopping quite yet.

    Yes, MaterniT21 does indicate presence of Y chromosome. I had it at 16 weeks (not to tell the sex, but it was on the results) can be done as early as 10 weeks.
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    Any form of invasive testing, like CVS or amniocentesis, or even pre-implantation genetic diagnosis if you have IVF, can tell you the sex with 100% accuracy. MaterniT-- which is fabulous and I believe will be standard of care in a few years, once it's cheaper, replacing the quad screen bloodwork-- will also tell you the chromosomes with 100% accuracy. (Of course if you don't want to know the sex, simply say you're interested in trisomies only).

    At 12 weeks the genitalia are still ambiguous, but gender can be determined by the angle of the genital tubercle (the structure that shrinks to become a clitoris in a girl, enlarges to become a penis in a boy). basically if it points straight out its a boy, if it points up its a girl. This is not accurate and not something to hang your hat on. Anecdotally it seems to be something ultrasound techs do in private practice a lot more than in academics. But yes, if you want your tech to hazard a guess, ask her if she's amiliar with the technique. (Seriously, they're right a bit more than half the time).
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