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    Middle name debate

    I need opinions, dear berries...

    We've known for months we're going to use some form of DH's great grandmother's name for our daughters middle name. She was a holocaust survivor and just generally a very tough, amazing woman.

    The name in question is Josefa (you-sef-uh). Yes it would probably be pronounced "joe-sef-uh" most of the time in the US, but in the middle spot I don't think that's a deal breaker.

    DH favors using Josephine in the middle instead because it's (and I quote) "less weird." He's more sensitive to the "What if she hates it" or "What if people make fun of it?"...moving to the US during middle school he liked having a name that wasn't particularly foreign sounding and I think that's carried over. I like Josephine too, but I just can't get Josefa out of my head lately! So tell me: Josephine or Josefa? Is it a less-than-attractive name? General thoughts on honoring using the real name vs. anglicized?
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    I absolutely vote for Josefa. If you are honoring a family member, stay true to the name, especially since it is in the middle! I think it will be an incredible way to give your daughter a sense of her heritage and family history.
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    What is the first name going to be? That may help a little. I voted for Josephine because people would say Josefa with a J sound so it would really even be the same name. Plus I adore the name Josephine and I think that it is so similar to the original name that its basically the same thing

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    People outside your family pretty much never say your middle name except to ask what it is, to which she would reply "you-sef-uh" and then spell it when they ask how it's spelled. I think it's a great name. Josephine is also very pretty though.
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    I love Josephine, but I like the idea of using Josepha. It's not as pretty, but I think it's a lot more meaningful to you. I don't think pronunciation issues are terribly important for a middle name. I vote for Josepha!
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