View Poll Results: Which is your favorite W name?

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  • Walden

    6 12.00%
  • Walter

    18 36.00%
  • Walton

    1 2.00%
  • Wesley

    30 60.00%
  • Whistler

    3 6.00%
  • Whittaker

    7 14.00%
  • Wilder

    11 22.00%
  • Willoughby

    5 10.00%
  • Windsor

    1 2.00%
  • Winslow

    3 6.00%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Favorite W Name: Poll

    I've really been loving the letter R for little lads. I narrowed it down to Rainier(wise army).

    For some reason I'm really loving W as well.

    Walden (valley of the welsh)
    Walter (army ruler)
    Walton (fortified town)
    Wesley (western meadow)
    Whistler (one who whistles)
    Whittaker (white field)
    Wilder (surname)
    Willoughby (farm near the willows)
    Windsor (riverbank with a winch)
    Winslow (friends hill or burial mound)

    I also like Wolf but it didn't fit on the poll. Leave me your thoughts on Wolf in the comments below.

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    Just to clarify, I'm not looking for a middle name for Rainier. Rainier would be Ws sibling. Thanks.

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    I voted for Wesley and Wilder, both great names. I like Wolf best of all though (also Wolfric which I think would be smashingly dashingly gorgeous with Rainier), so handsome. I'm not crazy about the rest, especially Windsor as it's just too tied to the royal family.
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    I voted for three: Wesley, Walter, and Wilder. All three are extremely handsome names and would go great with brother Rainier.

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    I love Walden... so naturey in an indirect way. Not on the list, I also love Whitman (love the nn Whit), but Whittaker doesn't do it for me for some reason...
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