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    Well, I wouldn't worry about people thinking you are making a bad choice, as long as you know that the choices you are making are right for you. Someone is always going to think that whatever you are doing is a terrible idea!

    Are you and your boyfriend both living w/ your parents now? As long as you are happy w/ this and your parents are happy to have you living w/ them, I don't see a problem w/ this. Have you discussed your TTC plans w/ your parents? I think that if you are planning to continue living w/ your folks after you have a baby, you should definitely include them in your planning. You mentioned your mom being exhausted from parenting a 16 year old. Obviously, you would be raising this baby and not your mom, but a new baby will definitely impact everyone in the household.

    If you aren't sure what your parents are going to be doing, I wouldn't make long term plans around them. Talk to your parents and see if they know what their plans are, see how they feel about bringing a new baby into the house. If they aren't able to do that for whatever reason, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't have a baby, just that you will need to find another living situation.

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    @tarynkay- Very true, everyone always has an opinion whether it be what you named your child, how you raising your child etc. no one is ever the same but as long as we are happy that is my concern. I have to learn to keep that mind set since I care about what others think.

    Yes me and my boyfriend are living at my parents home which there is more than enough room. Are situation is we have not found a house we like and we do not want to rush into buying one just because. Plus my parents always talk about future plans with me and boyfriend being involved. We havent discussed the plans with my parents we kind of hint things but that is about it. My mom loves babies, its the tunnel she is going through with my sister who is 16. Basically the "I am so much smarter than you." You know how teenagers are especially ones these days.

    Well since my sister is still in high school they will not be leaving our town for another two years basically once she finishes high school they plan to change location. I don't know what my fear is or what my problem is. Maybe because my boyfriend is not as confident it makes me worried. But I am just so tired of the baby blues. I am so envious of moms on here who have a family already.
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    As long as everyone involved is happy w. your living situation, there is no problem w. living w. your parents. But I would do more than hint about upcoming TTC. If you and your boyfriend decide to do this, I would definitely give your parents a heads up. I mean, I would say the same thing if you had roommates.

    Since you mentioned your boyfriend being nervous around babies, a really good idea right now would be to babysit together. Call up your friends who have kids (or family, or neighbors, whatever) and offer them free babysitting. There is kind of a culture of that where we live. Our friends w. kids, friends with no kids, and even single friends all babysit for us. For free! This is extremely awesome and helpful for everyone. We did a lot of free babysitting before bringing our son home. We learned a lot about taking care of children, and my husband built up a lot of confidence around babies. This also had the amazing side benefit of racking up free babysitting karma.

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