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Thread: Hailey in 2013

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    I have a Hailee and a Haley in my class this year. I also have a Kaylei and a Kaylee. The -aley names are very popular!! I had a Haven in my class two years ago, was indifferent to the name. I would go with Jocelyn.

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    I'm not a fan of either, but I dislike Hailey more than Haven. Hailey is very dated, overdone, and doesn't have any real substance to it. Not my style at all.

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    Hailey is very popular/trendy and will one day be dated. Haven is very much associated with Jessica Alba's little girl.

    I would personally choose Haven.
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    Hailey's popular, but I don't personally run into a ton of them. It's a pretty name, and if you love it, you should use it. Finding a name that 1) you love and 2) you and your partner can agree on isn't easy. I don't think popularity should count for much compared to that.

    In any event, I'll always pick Hailey over Haven. I find Haven sort of tawdry.
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    We ended up having a little girl born in early July. Her name is Hailey. I was being badgered for what seems like an hour, but couldn't have been more than 10 minutes at most, "What is her name?? What are you going to name to her?". My husband staring at me with affection and a bit dazed at being the prospect of being a father to two girls now, after we were both so sure SHE was going to be a HE, "Honey, what name are you choosing?". I couldn't do it at first. I was torn between Janessa and Hailey, each for our own personal reasons. I had fallen in love withe the name Janessa and thought Jazmine and Janessa would be a great sib set, but when I looked at the new baby set to my chest, she was NOT a soft and prim Janessa. No, I was looking at an exact replica of me and a very good potential for a boisterous, rambunctious, over lively tom-boy with big beautiful blue eyes and a face like a cherub that melted your soul, so she was named Hailey, which felt very right; a bit cute, not too girly. Hailey is over 3 months old now and is a very happy baby, but she is already getting ahead of herself and will be quite the handful as she grows into the world around her, in fact, I am sure the world will meld to her a bit, she's that rambunctious already, definitely not going to be a princess Janessa

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