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Thread: Hailey in 2013

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    Hailey in 2013

    After an immeasurable amount of hemming and hawing, my husband and I decided on Hailey for our girls name. (We only have about 5 weeks until baby arrives!) I love the sound of it, but there appears to be MUCH criticism towards it for having been sooo popular, but we have never met any Hailey's, only heard of one. Just one. Any thoughts on this name nowadays?

    Names we have crossed off are Jocelyn, Emberlin, and Sephora to name a few. Next to Hailey, I do like Haven, but am very unsure of it too. Thing is, we don't even know if we are having a boy or girl
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    I don't see Hayley (I prefer this spelling, it just looks cleaner to me) as dated at all, and I don't see it as having been super popular either, though that might have just been regional. Most Hayleys I know are in the upper teens/early 20s age bracket, but I think it would be cute and refreshing on a baby, and ages well. If you love Hailey, go for it. People will always criticise but it's your baby not theirs.

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    Thank you Essjay. This name pick, "Hailey" actually breaks one of my quirks about names, I don't care for the letter Y in names!? I found though that SOME names look better and are less apt to be mispronounced if using a Y. I don't think I could however, use TWO Y's in one name~

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    Hailey is a beautiful name! Unfortunately, for me, I know SO MANY! Haley, Haleigh, Hailey... there is most definitely nothing wrong with the name you have chosen and I am not one to search for the name that "no body has" so I think you should go for it!
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    My name is Haley (spelled without the i) and I think that the name is really pretty and sweet but I've had some problems with it. First, I have met many many Haleys (with various spellings) and all through elementary and middle school, I was Haley H. because of multiple haleys in my class. Also, with the many spellings, almost no one spells it right. The spelling I would go with, though, is Hailey because it is the most common and most people spell it that way,but she will also get Haley, Hayley, Hailee, Hayleigh, Hali, etc. Overall, though, I think it's a wonderful name and definitely not dated! Hope I helped!
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