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    I think of:
    Tove and Sayer
    Tove and Thaddeus
    Tove and Ogden
    Tove and Orson
    Tove and Calix
    Tove and Morrison
    Tove and Maxfield
    Tove and Hart
    Tove and Jago
    Tove and savion
    Tove and Lorcan
    Tove and Emerson
    Tove and Morrissey
    Tove and Magnus
    Tove and Dante
    Tove and Reeve
    Tove and Zerrick
    Tove and Zephyr
    Tove and Silas
    Tove and Porter
    Tove and Lennox
    Tove and Maddox
    Tove and Nouvel
    Tove and Lowell
    Tove and Ambrose
    Tove and Langdon
    Tove and Cyrus
    Tove and Nealon
    Tove and Lionel
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    Some great suggestions!
    We had been playing around with Arlo, Rafferty, Ezra and Adair.
    I like, but can't use for some reason or another Jude and Silas.
    And I'm adding Reeve to the possibility list! :-)

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    Soren and Lachlan popped into my head
    Mommy to
    Noah William
    Eliana Beatrice
    Joseph Arthur
    Ethan James
    Abigail Marie
    Leora Ariella

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    I love Tove and Saul!
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