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    Quote Originally Posted by rowangreeneyes View Post
    You are unnecessarily rude and mean. I've never been mean to anyone on these forums and I don't think I deserve to have my name choices made fun of and belittled.
    I think there's kind of a hypocritical bug going around nameberry at the moment. It's not as accepting as some people seems to think. Lots of names people like for girls here used to be boy names. Meredith, Maris, Leslie (surname first, but a boy name before it transitioned to the girls), Florence, Evelyn, Vivian, Elisha.
    RGE isn't picking super masculine names like Algernon or Frederick. The names on her list (Silas, Felix, Asher, Sawyer and Merit) are well thought out. Merit is in fact a girl's name; ancient Egyptian and also Scandinavian (a rare version of Marit). Sawyer's a surname which means it's fair game, Asher's no weirder than naming your daughter Ashley. Felix is a boy name, but it started out as a word (meaning fruitful, adopted the meaning of happiness later). It's much less masculine than Vivian. Silas sounds like Silvia and all those names, it's quite feminine to my ears.
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    You will receive nothing but undying love from me on Ophelia / Ofelia. As weird as it sounds, even though I am Hispanic, I prefer the Ophelia spelling, but that's just a personal thing with me and the "f" in a name... I'm weird.

    Sawyer Ophelia, Asher Ophelia, Silas Ophelia, Merit Ophelia (personal favorite) I think all your choices go beautifully with Ophelia/Ofelia.
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    @ottillie, thanks for your kindness as always.

    If anyone is familiar with my presence on Nameberry, I usually never get mad or rude when someone criticizes or belittles my names (which is very often, by the way) but it was mostly directed @augustalee this time. She is always very mean in her responses and it hit a nerve this time. It's funny that it's the first response of people who have been rude, to say "Oh well stop being so sensitive." I'm not sensitive. I have a daughter named Rowan, which to many older people might as well be Walter. I also grew up with a very boyish name myself in the deep South. I am well aware how people "take" my names and I've never gotten such rude responses than on this forum.
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    Merit Alys OR Merit Ailis (AY-lish) Merit Anais

    Maxine is a fabulous name. So underused and elegant.
    Maxine Ruby nicknamed Max or even Maximilian (when you're feeling silly.) Maxine Eleanor could be kind of sexy and French.

    I'm not crazy about traditionally masculine names on girls, generally. Of your gender-bending choices, I like Felix best. Felix Marian or Felix Faye.

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