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  • Lucy Caroline

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    6 13.64%
  • Caroline Joy

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Thread: Lucy Caroline??

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    Lucy Caroline??

    So, I have had few new thoughts/combos pop up... I have always liked Lucy, but wonder how well it ages?
    Here is where we are now:

    Caroline Joy
    Lucy Caroline
    Anna Caroline Jane

    Thoughts between these?
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    I love Lucy Caroline! This one is definitely my favorite.

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    I voted for Lucy Caroline. I believe a classic name like Lucy could work for any age, and I love the sound of Caroline. But if you want more formal first name you could swap them: Caroline Lucy, or Caroline Lucille.

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    Well, I know a Lucy in her 30s and it suits her fine. I think it's so classic there's no problem with it suiting an adult, despite the popular cutesy -ee ending sound.

    I do love Anna most out of your names, but I think Lucy Caroline is beautiful as well.

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    I love the name Anna so I went with that.
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