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    Spring 2013 babies and mama's

    How are they doing? How are *you* doing? (Bronwen helped with his diaper cover, so its on kind of sideways, lol)

    The Wolf-man is growing and so adorable! Such a calm, sweet baby (all but one of the others were "high needs" and 2 were colicky, yikes!) and the only things that make him cry are having the hiccups and being stuck in the carseat when we drive anywhere. Dare I say he is a great sleeper too? At night nurses and falls right back to sleep...very different from all but one of my others. Almost makes me want just one more, until I remember how miserable pregnancy is for me and that our house is already super busy. He was 13lbs at last check, and just started rolling from belly to back. Still waiting for that first baby giggle..he smiles, squeals, and makes all sorts of cute noises but hasn't giggled yet but I'm guessing it will happen any day now. The other kids love him and argue over who's turn it is to hold him. The older 2 do a great job holding him so I can cook and even shower (!) alone, Linus and Vio are still sort of wiggly but do so with help. DH just started his summer course, so he is only gone for class now one night a week which is nice. We are all busy as school is done and we have a summer full of fun things planned. No vacation this year (going away for longer than a day or 2) due to Andy's school but are going on plenty of day trips and as soon as I can get my butt over to the township building, a pool pass.

    How is everyone else doing? What cute things are your baby's up to these days?
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