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    I love Gabriel with your last name but I have to agree with @babyprodigy. With your girl's name choice I would go with Gavriel.

    Gavriel and Majka look wonderful and sound wonderful together.

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    Flint Kirk - too choppy, since both names only have 1 syllable, it sounds choppy and doesn't flow well
    Kaeden Kirk - very trendy and not distinctive
    Rogan Kirk - kind of cool
    Boden Kirk - I like Bodey Kirk better
    Everett Kirk - Very nice
    Granger Kirk - No
    Gabriel Kirk - Nice
    Bodhi Kirk - Unless you have a personal spiritual connection to this name, I would avoid it because it does have a strong spiritual image.

    You are right, your names are all over the place. I think you may be unsure what your naming style is. I recommend checking out some of the Nameberry name lists to see if you can narrow down your style:

    Are there any family members you would like to honor? Would you like your location in Mexico to inspire your baby's name?
    Current Favorites:
    Elizabeth Lily nn Ellie
    Mary Emmeline nn Maisie
    Sarah Evangeline nn Sadie

    Nathaniel nn Nate

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    Of the names mentioned....

    ....I like Gabriel & name that you may consider (if I may be sold bold) that honors European ancestry and works well in Latin America is Hugo. My wife is preggo but won't consider it for our baby - too bad since it's my favorite name for boys. Good luck!

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    I love Everett and Bodhi!! It goes great with your last name!
    Other ideas are:
    Brody,Kyle ,Jonah,Jesse,Axel,Bennett and Trevor.
    Although I love Everett and Brody.

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