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    Question Need a boy name for our first baby

    Hello everyone! My hubby and I need help... I've poured over the blogs and forums here looking for the "one" and we're struggling. We've had a list of like 20 and none really sticks out as right, no matter how much contemplation we give it. We're looking for something that's non-traditional, but not too far out there, and definitely not in the top 100 names, which was the problem with a couple...

    We are both American, but we live in the Riviera Maya, Mexico, so it's important that any name we choose not be slaughtered or difficult to pronounce to the local population. We don't have any family names to honor, and with German, Norwegian and Polish ancestry I'm not finding a lot we like from those pools.

    Our last name is Kirk, and we've actually picked Flint as a name we like but not sure if we like it in the first name slot... Some names we've considered are Kaeden (all the variations make it too popular), Rogan (like but doesn't feel quite right), Boden, Everett, Granger, Gabriel, Bodhi... We're a bit all over the place. We have friends with boys named Naryan (which I love and find accessible while still unique), Kai, Finn, and Nash. My husband is really concerned about meaning (just that it doesn't mean something that leaves opening for mocking).

    I'm only 24 weeks, but this is driving me crazy!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

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    I like Bodhi and Everett... I'm not a big fan of Flint with your last name. They are both 1 syllable, so it would be a bit choppy.

    Ideas: Caelum (Latin for "sky"), Cyrus, Adair, Asher, Anders, Darius, Caspian, Jericho, Walden, Soren, Leander, Phineas, Sachin, Orion, Leander, Oleander, Wendall, Whitman, Booker, Edison, Byron, Cerulean, Cavan, Damien, Adrian, Caspar, Jasper, Connolly, Conrad, Corbin, Dallin, Dante, Dennis, Duncan, Elias, Eben, Ewan, Emrys, Amias, Ephraim, Ezra, Forrest, Griffin, Hudson, Hawthorne, Hugo, Lachlan, Lincoln, Lorenzo, Malachi, Micah, Martin, Malcolm, Miles, Nevin, Nolan, Philip, Pascal, Tucker, Quentin, Reuben, Raphael, Roman, Simon, Tobias, Toby, Truman, Tristan, Tierney, Tiernan, Wilder, Walker, Winston, Xavier, Navid, Naveen, Rayhan, Evren, Mavi, Pasha, Harmon,
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    Gabriel Kirk is excellent. It flows beautifully, and Gabriel is so handsome. I love the suggestion of Raphael too. With a one-syllable surname, I would choose something with three or more syllables for the first name. Do you like Nathaniel?

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    Thanks for the suggestions so fast! I should also mention that we already know that if/when we have a girl we will name her Majka (honoring Polish family surname, pronounced like Micah).

    There are some def possibilities already. Nathaniel is a bit too banal for my taste (strange with Gabriel as an option, I know )

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    I think Everett is perfect!
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