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    Everett is my favorite from your list. I like the nn Rhett too. I think Tobias was a good suggestion.

    How about Brody, Jericho, Josiah, Macon, Callan, Arlo, or Sayer. I know those are random.... lol sorry!

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    I love Gabriel Kirk also. Depending on the middle name you could have a winner!
    There is also the less common Gavriel. Just a little twist on a wonderful classic

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    Gabriel Kirk sounds so handsome to me!
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    Everett's a solid option. I think it'd be a great choice. Definitely my favorite from your list. Gabriel would be a solid option, Bodhi has something potentially cool about it and I think Granger could grow on me. The others I don't like as much. Kaeden feels like another made-up variation of Aiden. Rogan feels like a made up variation of Logan. Boden sounds too much like bode or foreboding for me, though Bowen would be a cool alternative. And Flint goes terrible with your last name.
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    Instead of Rogan what about Rowan? Is that too trendy? A lot of people have suggested the name Silas to us, I like the way it flows with Kirk. I like Everett as well, but am not a huge fan of Bodhi or Boden.

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