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    Love Adelaide! It's gorgeous but also playful at the same time. My favorite nn is Della
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    1. Ines Clementine Nell. Not sure about the flow, but it's a nice name.

    2. Iris Juliet Austen. I adore this name. It is so romantic, and Austen makes me think of Jane Austen. So... "Iris" by the Goo Goo Dolls + Shakespeare + Jane Austen = A romantic name of epic proportions that will have the boys swooning... hope you're ready for that.

    3. Margaret Elowen Eve. This is cute, but I'm not sure about Elowen Eve next to each other...

    4. Fern Evelyn Pearl. I'm not a fan of Fern and Evelyn next to each other... it doesn't flow with the -n -n, but I do like both names independently.

    5. Adelaide Dahlia Quinn. This one doesn't flow. Adelaide ends with a D sound, which Dahlia also starts with. So to pronounce it correctly, you have to pause between the names... otherwise it becomes Adelaidahlia.

    So far, I love Iris Juliet Austen. Congrats!
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    I adore the name Ines, I'm just now too fond of Clementine or Nell sorry. Iris Juliet Austen is lovely and my favorite off your list.

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    Iris and Margaret are my favs! I love Iris Juliet. Such a perfect combination!

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    These combos are all beautiful! Regarding your dilemma with the Adelaide Dahlia Quinn combo, here are some alternative ideas:
    -- I think part of the problem is that the two "d" sounds right in a row break up the flow. Perhaps you could use a different flower name?
    Adelaide Laurel Quinn
    Adelaide Jessamine Pearl (adding a way to honor family into this combo!)
    Adelaide Violet Quinn
    Adelaide Cleome Pearl

    I hope those help!
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