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    I love it! I do slightly prefer Eulalia because it feels a bit more complete to me. I usually like shorter versions, but this is an exception

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    It sounds like gargling to me. I don't like it at all. Gibberish.
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    When I said it the first thing that came to my mind was eulogy since they sound similar. My biggest fear would be that people would always spell her name wrong or mispronounce it. That can be rather annoying for a child.

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    Love Eulalie! It's my daughter's name. So far, we have gotten lots of compliments. Only one person has mentioned ukulele and no one has had any trouble pronouncing it.
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    I quite like Eulalie (not sold on Eulialia though). It does make me think of the mayor's wife in the musical "The Music Man" (Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn), but that is a pretty obscure reference unless you're into musical theatre.

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