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    What do you think of Eulalie?

    Eulalie is probably the most "out there" name on my favourites list, everyone I've asked about it seems to think it's completely silly, but I like it's sweet sing-songy vibe.
    What do you think of it? Do you like Eulalie or Eulalia more? What middle names would you put with Eulalie?

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    I love Eulalie, and personally prefer it to Eulalia. Sweet, sing-song, old fashioned and completely feminine and pretty.

    Eulalie Clementine
    Eulalie Pearl
    Eulalie Grace
    Eulalie Violet
    Eulalie Mabel
    Eulalie Thea
    Eulalie Nora
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    I think it's rather sweet. I think the issue most people will have is that it sounds like ukulele, the instruement.

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    I think Eulalie is gorgeous. Its just such a sumptuous, ethereal, hauntingly beautiful name. I have always pronounced it U-lally and i much prefer it to Eulalia. One of my ultimate guilty pleasure combos is Eulalie Rosebud.
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    Honestly, it sounds a little awkward to say in my opinion. But it is cute!

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