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    Song Names - Nice in songs but not for real life

    I often find that I fall in love with names in songs because I like the songs and they present the name in a nice light. However, when I think about them out of the context of the song they don't stand up so well. I was wondering if any one else had names they love in song but not in "real life". What are they and what songs are they from?

    Here are some of mine:

    Magnolia - Miss Magnolia by Matt Costa
    Konstantine (for a girl) - Konstantine by Something Corporate
    Cerilene - Ceriline by Sister Hazel

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    Re: Song Names - Nice in songs but not for real life

    I don't think Magnolia is too bad (I know of a Magnolia who goes by Maggie), but I agree, the other two are too intense for real life.

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    Re: Song Names - Nice in songs but not for real life

    I adore the song Konstantine, and the name, but I like it better on a boy (without the e). However, I agree completely that it's too much for real life.

    I can't think of any song names I couldn't use in real life, so here are some I really could:

    Amity by Elliott Smith - I actually found this song because someone started calling me (Amy) Amity, but it has made me love the name so much more.

    Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles - Both great songs and names, both not-so-great namesakes.

    Sophie by Goodshirt - this is a great song by a great New Zealand band, and it has really made me like the name Sophie. Unfortunately, a less-than-lovely Sophie in real life and it's popularity have put me off.

    Dear Jamie... Sincerely Me by Hellogoodbye - The Jamie in this song is a girl, but I love this name so much more on a boy.

    Annie's Song by John Denver - I never liked the name Annie, then I heard this song. Now I love it, although I will always like Anna slightly more.

    Franklin by Paramore - this song is actually about a city called Franklin, not a person, but I still love the name.

    Oh! Daisy by Zed - this song is actually completely making fun of the name Daisy (the chorus: What you expect from someone who is named after a cow yeah/Go figure/I won't get an answer from someone who is named after a flower/Go figure), yet somehow it only made me like the name Daisy more.

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    This just made me think of Elvira. I can't remember who sang it though.

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    Elliott Smith has Sweet Adeline too.
    I had an old song called Linda Lou stuck in my head one day while I was pregnant, but my husband did not see the charm in that one!
    Fiona Apple's most recent album has a song called Jonathan on it, I've always loved John...
    I considered Jolene when I was pregnant too. Very Dolly Parton. Very country.

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