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    Some great suggestions, when hubby gets home I'm going to pounce on him with these

    Anyone else have any suggestions? Our boys name was going to be Rafferty Albert (wasn't set but very close) and I liked the idea of a sibset with having double letters in the names...

    I also liked Acacia but felt it's to out there compared to more elegant Marilla.

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    With your ither daughters name I really I love Luna from your list and Sylvie rather than Sylvia!
    Luna Mabel or Sylvie Mabel would be very sweet!! I love that Sylvie Mabel had reverse initials Marilla Susan! Another option that's coming to mind is Selena (goddess of the moon)Mabel!

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    I like Luna, Phoebe (especially the moon reference in Phoebe and Luna), and Sylvia... I also like the idea of finding a name related to the moon. The moon is just so glorious, beautiful, and evocative.

    Ayla "moonlight"
    Leila "night"
    Hala "moon halo"
    Maha "moon"
    Kamaria "like the moon"
    Selina "moon"
    Selene "moon" (Greek moon goddess)
    Ayda "in the moon"
    Aylin "halo around the moon"
    Mahsa one whose beauty resembles the moon
    Gwendolen "white circle, moon"
    Mahina "moon"
    Lua "moon"
    Artemis- she was over hunting and the moon
    Diana- the equivalent of Artemis
    Rhiannon- Welsh moon deity
    Mona- moon
    Lunasa- August, the month of the moon
    Selenia- in the moonlight
    Levana- the moon (Love this)
    Lunetta- little moon
    Parvani- full moon
    Channary- moon faced
    Chantrea- moon light
    Eilidh- torch or moon
    Anahita- Persian goddess of the moon, love, and rivers... I've heard the name Anais comes from Anahita.
    Andromeda- some believe she was a pre-Hellenic moon deity
    Isis- deity of the sun and the moon in ancient Egypt
    Juna- goddess of the new moon
    Sina- Polynesian sun goddess

    Some of these are usable, and others maybe not... but hopefully they help! Congrats!
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    When I hear Marilla the first thing I think of is dignity and a charming 19th century vibe. I also like the rarity of it.

    My impressions of your list, in comparison to Marilla:

    Adelaide--charming but just not in the same league
    Harriet--misses, in my book, because it doesn't quite have the beauty of Marilla, and because it's a bit too familiar
    Willa--love the name, fits, but too rhymey. I like Lillian better as a middle...echoes Marilla (that double letter tie-in), but doesn't rhyme
    Magnolia--again, to my ear, Magnolia is an overblown belle whereas Marilla has dignity and containment
    Luna--love Luna Lovegood, she's too, well, loony, to stand next to Marilla
    Pheobe--one of my favorites, but it seems too familiar
    Sylvia--best fit, to my ear

    I think you need something, unusual but with substance, almost regal. Here are my suggestions, but I didn't do well trying to come up with double-letter names....


    Good luck and congrats!
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    Adelaide is one of my favorite names! Nn adie is cute, I also like Della. Adelaide Iris or Adelaide Violet is stunning
    Me + hubby = One prince and two little princesses <3 <3 <3. So in love with our family and our new little pink bundle!!

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