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    Help with baby girls name - arriving in June!

    Hi all,

    This is my first post, though I'm a long time reader and searcher!

    We're having a huge amount of trouble narrowing down our names, and to be honest I'm not completely sold on the ones we are considering.

    Firstly, we already have a Marilla Susan (NN Rilla, from Anne of Green Gables and Susan is a family name). Our first has LOADS of meaning to us and we had a boys name ready but we are blessed with another girl, so I'm feeling a bit out of my depth.

    Marilla's a Leo (ruled by the sun) and this little one will be a Cancer (ruled by the moon).

    Secondly, our last name is a food type (Oi!) and ends with "ey". So lots of my favourites have gone. (Sage, Violet, Rose etc).

    These are some of the first names we have been consdering but am happy to hear other suggestions.

    Adelaide nn Adie
    Harriet nn Hattie
    Willa (lots of Williams in the family line)
    Magnolia - nn Nola or Maggie
    Pheobe - nn Phe

    Also middle names are a bit of a dead end though we have considered to honour my Nana, it's her middle name, her first is Mabel, Charlotte to honour my mum (her middle name) but I like Lottie better or something "purple" as her Sister has always refered to her as the "purple baby". So Violet, Iris and Viola have been options.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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