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    Thank you everyone! missmolly I loved what you wrote regarding Marilla's name, what you wrote really helped me to articluate to my husband why I have been so funny about just going with some of the names on my list.

    So we have a new name to consider and wondered what you all thought.

    IIleana (pn ill-ee-AH-nah) it's derived from the Greek name Helen, which would honour my Husband's Sister Helen who died three days after being born, without being over the top or in his parents/family's face about it.

    We both like it, it has the double letters (by chance), goes with our surname and has a coincidental family connection, plus we feel it's not very common but not crazy either. Thoughts? And help with mn suggestions please!
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    I honestly like Helena better than IIleana w/ sister Marilla to honor a Helen, not that both aren't quite pretty.

    I also love Marilla & Loretta together
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    Sylvia would be my first choice!! I also like Adelaide and Phoebe. Love Marilla by the way.

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    First off, I LOVE the name Marilla! I would love to use it (unfortunately hubby is not a fan), as I grew up watching Anne of Green Gables and the Road to Avonlea series. IIleana is pretty, and a good reference to Helen, you should use it if you love it. It doesn't quite seem to match with Marilla though, so I thought I'd throw out some more ideas. But obviously, personal and family meaning trump any sort of sibling set name matching, so go with what you love!

    Another double letter form of Helen, is the Irish - Eileen

    Eileen Charlotte or Eileen Mabel or Eileen Violet

    You like Harriet, so I thought of Henrietta or Henriette. Has the same feel as Marilla plus double letters, and a multitude of cute nn's.
    I thought of the character, Henrietta King "Aunt Hetty", from the Road to Avonlea series, I also like nn's, Etta, Hattie, and Henie.

    Henrietta Iris

    You like Willa, how about Wilhelmina? This was a contender for us for #2, and I love the nn's, Billie or Minnie (for your double letters). Of course you could do nn Willa as well, but I agree that it rhymes too much with Marilla "Rilla". The name contains the "hel" of Helen too.

    Wilhelmina Iris or Wilhelmina Violet

    Maybe too familiar for your taste, but I love the name Esther with sister, Marilla. Her name means "star", which are in the night sky with the moon. I personally only know one Esther, and she's the nicest, friendliest lady. I think Esther would be great on a little girl, as well as an adult. No double letters, but you could use the nn's, Essie, Ettie, or Hettie. I like Esther paired with Lillian.

    Esther Lillian

    Good luck and blessings to your family! Our 2nd sweet little daughter is due in June as well!
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    Illeana is pretty and is ok with Marilla. If you love it, go for it!
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