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    You (name) are 27 years old when you meet your one true love (his name) who is 31 you are together for 3 years before you marry and 2 years later when you are pregnant you decide you will have a surprise considering you are only having the one child as was confirmed at your 1st scan m you were all ready to see your baby again and when the sonograph lady greets you and DH and introduces her self as.( name) and she will be the one who will be conducting your scan today... she starts to move the doppler around and then looks concerned.. you and (him) are now very worried and you start to get upset.. fearing something is wrong with you baby.. the lady tells you not to worry its not bad news.. its just that there is infact twins and the 2nd baby wasn't located at the 1st scan as it was hiding behind the other baby ! You are told by (her name) that it is very rare to find that you are infact carrying twins as normally it is seen at the 1st scan!! You have been put forward 3 weeks!! 3 weeks less to get double the stuff!!! You are overjoyed at 1 becoming 2... and cannot wait to meet them both.. (sonographer) asks if you would like to find out what sex the babies are but you and hubby stay strong! ''No thank-you we want a surprise'' Grinning ear to ear!! 4.5 months later you welcome your twins..


    1- twin girls
    2- boy, girl twins
    3- twin boys

    You pick their names.. you give then 2 middle names!! as there are 2 of them!!

    2 years later you are pregnant again!!

    You think you will be having twins again but much to yours and Dh suprise you are infact having a singleton- a little boy is born 7 months later!

    you name him:_____________ - after naming your twins with 2 middles its kind of a traditionnow so you name your son and give him 2 middle names also..

    when your twins are 7 and your son 5 you decide to get a dog..they all decide a boy and you name the dog...

    you all go on holiday to the Mediterranean for 3 weeks!! you all have a fab time.. and when you get back you find out that you are pregnant again!! This time you are having quads!!! 2 boys and 2 girls - this time you found out!!

    Still all with 2 middle names.. you name them all after either, stars/ moon, jewels/gems, Mythological! (your choice)

    after your quads are born your children want another dog this time they want a girl... so you get the same breed and you name the dog...

    10 weeks later you notice that your female looks a little on the larger side!! you take her to the vets.. who confirm that your *dog name* is pregnant.. and the litter could be anything form 1 pup to 8!!

    You and hubby decide it is time to move to a bigger house!! so you decide to buy a... ** house in *** and you want to move before **dog** has her puppies!!

    The move was successful and 4 weeks after you have all settled in to your new home ** dog ** has her puppies... You decide you will keep the puppies as you have enough family to have 1 dog each!! your female has 6 puppies!! you are very shocked.. 3 girls and 3 boys you name the pups......

    you then find out 7 weeks after your female has her pups that you are pregnant again!! you say to dh that this is the last pregnancy as you will be over run with babies/children and puppies!! So dh agrees no more after this bundle and gets the snip!!

    What do you have??? * you choose*

    you name the baby/babies!!

    name your family and pups!! xx also which child got what pup...
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