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Thread: A She-Wolf?

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    Susi and Lupita are really cute suggestions! I would do what the above posters suggested, Wolfe works well for a girl. Are there no other names you can use from your grandfather? Say, his middle name? Out of the three that you suggested, Orfilia would be my favourite because it's so close to Ophelia. I would definitely include some way to honour your grandfather in the name! He clearly means a lot to you, and your daughter will think the name Wolfe is super cool. If it still doesn't float your boat, maybe a double middle name?
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    Thank you everyone,

    My grandfathers middle name is Dietrich, so there would be a mouthful for a little girl. German female Wolf is 'Woelfin', but Wolfe just sounds to me like Wolf with an 'e' chucked at the end, Sorry.
    I really like the idea of Susi, and Orfilia, although it sounds a tiny bit like orifice, which is unfortunate.
    Hmm, lots to think about anyway.

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    Why not just name your babygirl Wolf? I think it's adorable and leaves you space to use a girly middle name or something as strong as the first name. Wolf would be a brilliant name for a girl, but that's just one's opinion.
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    I like Wolfe for a middle for your baby girl!
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    Quote Originally Posted by stripedsocks View Post
    I really like Lupe. I have also heard a definition of Tala that means wolf but Tala is one of those girls' names that's used in a number of cultures, with unrelated meanings.
    The word lupus was given to the disease because the rash that patients get resembles a wolf. I would shy away from any names like Lupe for this reason. To me, it would be like naming a child cancer.

    If I was you, I'd just use Wolfe in the middle name slot (not as a first name!) and come up with a more feminine first name.

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